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I.G.C. Test

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I.G.C. Test.

Comprehensive Patient Care, Research Leadership, Teaching Excellence A V-notch impact test is a dynamic test in which a notched specimen is struck and broken by a single blow in a specially designed testing machine. The measured test value is the energy absorbed, the percentage shear fracture, the lateral expansion opposite the notch, or a combination thereof - 1. Izode Test and 2. Charpy Test

I.G.C. Test
ASTM A262 Practice A
With Photographs
ASTM A262 Practice B
ASTM A262 Practice C
ASTM A262 Practice D
ASTM A262 Practice E
ASTM A262 Practice E, 72 hrs
ASTM A262 Practice F
ASTM A262 Stress Corrosion Test (500hrs)