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Mechanical Testing

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Mechanical Testing.

Measuring the physical properties of parts and raw materials can help you determine their durability and give you an insight of how they will perform under application. Improper machining, wrong material selection and exposure can all affect your materials and potentially cause costly failures and recalls.

DMSPL mechanical testing division offers a wide range of testing to evaluate metals, composites and finished products. From routine tensile testing to Failure Analysis. We are equipped to provide all the answers you need. Most testing is completed within the same day, for tensile, hardness and Charpy/Izod impact testing. Testing is always carried out in complies with IS, ASTM, ASME, DIN, API, JIS standard Testing can also be done in various condition as per the customer specifications, such as temperature, tension, compression, impact and load to determine the material specification and material property of application environment.

Mechanical Testing A
Tensile Test with proof Stress and Stress & Stress/Strain Diagram with electronic Extensometer
Tensile Test with 0.2% Proof Stress & Modulus of Elasticity
Tensile Test of Fine Wires / Foils < 1mm
Tensile Test for CTD Bars
Upto 20mm Dia
Over 20mm DIa
Sectional Weight of CTD Bars
Welding for over 25mm dia
Bend Test
Flattening Test
Flaring Test
Hardness Test
Ball Test
Mechanical Testing B
Tensile/Transerse/Compression Test
Round Bar upto 40mm & Plate upto 40mm
Round Bar 40mm to 100mm & Plate 40mm - 65mm
Round Bar 100mm to 200mm & Plate 65mm and above
Round Bar 200mm and above